The Battye update on life at present…

Hey everyone! Thought I might write on what’s happening in our lives at present….

Well, lately I’ve really been enjoying life in general. I’ve been enjoying working at Aranda house, a Therapeutic Community drug and alcohol program. My wife was with Centrelink, but her contract just ran out. But surpringly, I am not too worried. I believe she will find something else that she will enjoy. In fact, I’m trusting God for it. I told her not to worry, relax and enjoy being at home doing what she wants to do really. Time out is often good for one, isn’t it? After all, Yvonne’s health hasn’t been too good, with her heart racing over 150bpm while doing absolutely nothing. If you ever feel like praying for her, please do so! She’s a good woman, I’d like to have her around for a while!

I’ve really been focussing on learning Pitjantjatjara lately. At work, there are clients who have been teaching me Pitjantjatjara, it’s been fun interacting with them this way. I’ve decided to focus on that language as there are quite a few I could learn, but I’ve actually been interested in this language for some years really, so living here where it’s so accessible is a great opportunity for me.

I also found a memory building site, where you can learn any language, just about. It’s called Memrise. it’s real good, if ya ever wanna check it out. I’ve posted words I’ve learnt on there, put pictures to it and made levels and gone through it to help me remember it. It’s quite fun to do really.

I’ve also been continuing my studies in Cert 4 Alcohol and Other Drugs. I’ve completed one unit this year and just finished another workbook, which will be another unit, just needs to be assessed now. Overall, I am halfway through the cert 4. Can’t wait till it’s all done, will be great.

I’ve been back to writing songs now, as I have just purchased a guitar – a Fender T-Bucket 400CE – it’s quite nice, I really like it. I enjoy getting on there and just worshipping Jesus, it’s what it was made for I reckon. Worshipping God is what we are made for.

Well, nothing else is really happening, so I’ll leave it there for now. Hope you’re all well, and God bless you and be at peace…

Rob 🙂




Hey everyone…wassup! Yeah, right, whatever. I’m no homey.

Anyway, here I am at work and I’ve been here since 5:30am and it’s 2:43pm. I finish at 6pm, but hopefully the next worker comes at 5:30pm to relieve me like I did for him this morning. That’s what routine we got going, we might come early, but we get to knock off early…it’s just a mind trick, thinking ya doing less hours just coz ya go home early, but ya not! Weirdos…

So what’s been happening? Well, I’m at work, as I’ve said already, am working two 12 hour shifts, today and tomorrow, then back at work on monday night to work 3 12 hour night shifts. They are generally more busy anjd go quicker. I enjoy nights better, there is more interaction with people…usually intoxicated clients. It’s sad, but they can be funny too!

I wouldn’t mind being worked out of a job, though. The other day, a friend of mine from the Kimberley’s in WA, told me of a revival that’s happening in the desert regions of WA and NT. He told me that it all started when a group of elders were starting to fight and argue, when suddenly there was gold leaves falling from the sky…weird huh? But anyway, they stopped fighting and concluded that this only meant one thing – Ngawi – which means ihn Walpiri, God! So they went round to every camp and told everyone to stop drinking and gambling and come to church, which they did! Apparently there are only 3 drinkers left and the pubs are closing down! 215 baptisms occured in only 6 weeks. Pretty amazing, I’d like to witness that!

That’s what I mean as a drug and alcohol worker – I wouldn’t mind being worked out of a job if it means God has delivered everybody from the terrible affects of alcoholism. Ay…

So anyway, what else? Well, the other day we had this biggest storm come through the Alice, all dried up now, but it was deadly as! The Todd river and Charles Creek was flowing, was great. Except there was one problem: my pool still hasn’t got a cover on it! So the next day I had to cloean the pool as all the leaves and muck from the storm got in it…bummer. But all is good!

Hey by the way fellow bloggers, check out some songs I posted on soundcloud the other day… check ’em out, I wrote them, Yeah I know, got some work to do on them yet, but it’s a start. I recorded them on Garageband early this year, had fun doing it. Tell me what ya think, like them, share them if ya like them, up to you! 🙂

Well, that’s all I can think of writing for now. I’ve been watching reality shows here at work too, only because we are so inundated with work right now, not…been watching “the Lawman…” Apparently Steven Seagal has also been a Deputy Sherrif as well as an actor…quite a talented bloke too. Ya learn something new everyday, I tell ya!

Well, God bless you all and take care now!

Rob Battye 🙂

P.S. Oh, the wife is well by the way 🙂

The Ten Commandments Award!

Praise God from Whom all blessing flow!!

A special thank you goes to Sebastian at Faith 1st Ministries, –  for honoring me with the nomination for The Ten Commandments Award—it is indeed an honor! Thank you so much!

RULES: The rules for this award are that you must answer the following ten questions and nominate ten blogs that you think deserve the award.

1. Describe yourself in seven words:  Christian, blessed, husband, passionate, adventurous, enthusiastic, gracious

2. What keeps you up at night? Work…that’s why I get to blog so often 🙂

3. Who would you like to be? Myself, the way God made me…Ps 139!

4. What are you wearing now? Track pants, jumper, beany…it’s cold here!

5. What scares you? My wife…just kidding sweetheart 😉 Most people might say dying, but I’m not afraid to die because I’d be with the Lord…however, I am afraid of how I may die!!!

6. What are the best and worst things about blogging? The best part of blogging is becoming acquainted with new people and the global ministry potential it provides!

The worst thing about blogging – not sure really, but it could become a real timewaster if not used well.

7. What was the last website you looked at? .

8. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
Diligence in prayer, the Word, and fitness lol… But personality wise, not a thing. God made me who I am and I’m happy to be me.

9. Slankets, yes or no? Never heard of a slanket, so I guess no…

10. Tell us something about the person who nominated you.
Sebastion from Faith First Ministry nominated me for this award. He is a minister of the Gospel, leading Faith 1st ministries, pastoring in Fairburn, Georgia in the US. If you’re ever there, you should pop in to see him! I’d love to one day myself! If you want to know more about him, visit his blog at

My ten nominations are:

1. – I always have to nominate Krissy for any award, coz she’s a legend!


3. – love the grace message brought in this blog, so true!

4. – coz she nominated me once and I like her blogs too 🙂


6. – very encouraging words here

7. – missionaries to the outback!



10. – good for marriage advice 🙂

Miracle: Aurora shooting victim (with bullet in brain) baffles doctors!

far out is all I got to say!

A Twisted Crown of Thorns ®


There is a story going around of a 22 year old lady called Petra Anderson. Petra was one of the critically injured people in the recent Aurora shooting debacle in Denver. There were 12 immediate deaths and 58 injured when James Holmes opened fire on unsuspecting members of the public in a movie theatre. The story demonstrates God’s providence even in the most bleak and extra ordinary circumstances. The story is recounted by her pastor:

Petra was hit four times with a shot-gun blast, three shots into her arm and one bullet which entered her brain. This is a bit of Petra’s miracle story.
With awesome people from our caring and pastoral team, I spent all day Friday in the ICU with Petra and her family. Her injuries were severe, and her condition was critical. A bullet had entered Petra’s face through her nose, and then traveled up through her…

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Tonight, I picked up the Advertiser and in bold letters was the above title. I was rather disturbed, yet not surprised. This is the way our world is going. In school, they dropped prayer and corporal punishment, and now look at how the next generation are turning out…sorry to be “old fashined,” but I am!

I read the above article and it says that promising to serve God and honouring the Queen is “old fashioned.” Well, the BIble is old, and many call it old fashioned today – but it is the ONLY thing in this world that has the power to change our society for the better! It is an old Book with timeless principles – and the world continues to throw it aside! It is truly the most relevant Book, and no one realizes it – what a tragedy!

Have a look at the old Guide Promise and compare it to the new one:

OldI promise to do my best: “To do my duty TO GOD, to serve the Queen and my country; to help other people; and to keep the Guide Law.”

New…”I promise to do my best: To be true to MYSELF and develop MY beliefs; to serve MY community and Australia; and live by the Guide Law.”

Isn’t the contrast disturbing? It is a promise to oneself! It leaves out God, leaves out the Queen (which is a sign of disrespect for authority that God has placed in our society) – and although the second one still says to serve the community and Australia, it leaves out helping other people…which is a personal thing – as opposed to being impersonal. So it is encouraging one to be impersonal and not really caring about other people.

God wants us to love Him, honour God-given authority and actually care for other people. Love God and love people – which the whole Law of the Bible hangs on! Jesus hung on the Cross because he loved His Father God and loved us!

It is not far-fetched to say that as God is dropped out of society in every place – and Girl Guides is only one area – then bad things are going to happen. It already has and will continue until God is put back in His rightful place in society. Look at all the school shootings in America…they have dropped God out of school and look at the results. We have dropped the principles of God’s Word for disciplining children. Parents can’t even smack their kids…and look at the results…yes, I’m old fashioned! I was smacked, me and my brothers – and I thank God for it! I’ve grown up with respect for my parents and authority. Just look at the younger generation of today, and how can you argue with that? You can see the difference, it’s as plain as day.

We need God back in this world, and all the principles and standards He upholds…for a better world.

God bless,

Rob 🙂