A Love Story

The most beautiful couple in the world!

The most beautiful couple in the world!

It was a warm beautiful night and I was all on my lonesome. Feeling sorry for me yet? Nah, I was just cruising along, enjoying the night surfing the internet. But to keep a long story short, I saw what looked like an angel!

It was on the fusion website (yes, we met on the internet!) that I found her. I took up the courage and wrote to her. But it wasn’t until a few weeks or so later that I got a reply .. I was so excited!! The angel wrote back!! hehe

So for what seemed an eternity, we just kept writing back and forth getting to know each other. We had been writing for about a month

and I remember when I had gathered the courage and asked for her phone number.

Then the worst happened – all communications in Halls Creek went down!! I couldn’t believe it .. the phone line, internet .. EVERYTHING! Dead! I waited and waited for a whole weekend until they came back on. I was worried she’d think I was ignoring her! I couldn’t bare the thought of losing such an amazing friendship (and I hadn’t even heard her voice yet – was I crazy?)

Finally, all lines of communication were open again – I was killing to email her. Not before long, we were back in motion. I made sure I got her number this time – YES!!! I remember the first time we spoke. We talked and laughed and talked and laughed for hours. Every week we talked and laughed for hours, anticipating our next phone call together. From there on in, our love began to grow!! Meanwhile, I was trying hard to keep it all sane and just a friendship … but that didn’t work!

I was too much in love!! Nervously, I decided to tell her .. “I love you!” .. to my surprise she almost choked but still managed in a small voice .. “I love you too!” I was so relieved, yet, overly joyed!!

Anyway, before any of that happened, Yvonne had already decided to come up to Halls Creek to visit for the Easter Convention in Bililuna. I couldn’t help it, but I was freaking out at the thought of her coming here, – what would she think of me? Maybe she’ll meet me and think ‘gracious, what a freak!’ Or something like that .. I was so nervous! But of course I acted all cool, calm and collected (like a real man of course!)

When she finally arrived in Halls Creek I knew it was love at first sight .. Yvonne pretended it wasn’t, but I could see right through her, haha! We spent so much time together, it didn’t seem to be enough. We sat and talked and played with the children .. it was like heaven for me! I’ve finally found my perfect match. I just loved being with her every minute and I hated being apart from her when we were … nyoorn, I’m just a lovesick puppy!

Well, the night I proposed to her, it was so romantic! The moon was there, and I was so caught in love, I just thought, wow, what a great setting for a proposal in the outback .. out bush! So I got on one knee and suddenly .. “No, get up!” I heard her shreik “What are you doing? Get up!” Ignoring her and laughing I continued to stay on one knee and asked her to marry me .. of course she said yes!

It was the most wonderful moment in my life! Marrying her will be the most beautiful thing in the world – she’s my special treasure that God has blessed me with. Everything worked out better than I had planned…and it was truly a day we will remember forever.


2 thoughts on “A Love Story

  1. That’s a beautiful story Rob. I knew it would happen for you someday!!!!! Yvonne is everything I would want for my brother down under. Be blessed and being married to the right/God sent person is amazing!!!! I’m a little past my 3 week mark and every day is even more joyous than the next.

    • Hey Mary! Wow, I was looking back over this post and man what a love story haha! Well, we have been married almost one year now, how’s married life for you guys going?

      Bless ya my friend!


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