Watch and pray! – Judges 18

“So they went on to the town of Laish, where they noticed the people living carefree lives, like the Sidonians; they were peaceful and secure. The people were also wealthy because their land was very fertile. And they lived a great distance from Sidon and had no allies nearby.” (Judges 18:7)

In this chapter, the tribe of Dan still hadn’t conquered the land assigned to them. So on the way to Laish, they took Micah’s household idols and his Levite priest, which he could do nothing about, and went to explore Laish. When they scouted that land, they found the people there were living carefree lives, were peaceful and secure, so they ended up taking the town and renaming it Dan, after their ancestor. But the tribe of Dan was in idolatry, and it says that they worshipped this idol right up to the Exile- which makes me think that Judges was written after the exile, not by Samuel, according to Jewish tradition.

The people of Laish had no chance. They were not only peaceful and secure, living carefree lives- but they had no allies nearby to help them. They probably didn’t even have any warriors ready to fight. They were taken totally by surprise, so were soundly defeated.
Jesus commanded His disciples to watch and pray, lest they fall into temptation. The Apostle Peter tells us to be sober and vigilant, for the devil goes about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Do you notice that drunk people aren’t ready for anything? They live carefree, and for the moment. If we are living carefree lives and have no one nearby to help us- no fellow christians around us to encourage us, nor are praying- we won’t be ready when they enemy comes, and will fall prey to his attacks. We must be on our guard! We need to keep praying and reading, we need to keep in fellowship with eachother, not living carefree lives. Watch and pray!

“Lord, help me not to be slack, but to watch and pray, not living a carefree life, but being ready for any attack the enemy would bring against me. Thank You that in Christ I am an overcomer and more than a conqueror- in Jesus’ name, amen,”

*Luke 22:45-46; 1 Peter 5:8


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