Influence the world around you…

Jeremiah 15:9, “If you return to Me, I will restore you so you can continue to serve Me. If you speak good words rather than worthless ones, you will be My spokesman. YOU MUST INFLUENCE THEM; DO NOT LET THEM INFLUENCE YOU!”

When I was a teenager, I lived like this- I was influencing others all around me for Christ. I didn’t do the things they did and I got teased for it. I stood out like a sore thumb, but no one could deny I was a Christian. But something happened along the way- I gave up trying to influence the world, and I allowed it to influence me. The only answer is repentance and doing the first works I did before.

I derived three points from this verse above that really spoke to me and encouraged me, so I trust it will do the same for you.

1. Repentance. “If you return to Me, I will restore you so you can continue to serve Me…”

By repentance comes restoration of relationship to God, and out of your relationship with God comes the grace and ability to serve Him. So many people try to serve Him without maintaining a relationship with God. As I look back on my own time in ministry, I started out in faith and victory, but I failed to maintain my personal relationship with God. This ended in burnout, which affected my other relationships…with my wife, my leaders and the people to whom I came to minister in the first place. My wife and I argued, as did my leaders and me, and now a church we re-established is without a pastor- again. So it is VITAL to the kingdom of God for us to maintain a relationship with God, above all things.

2. Right confession. “If you speak good words rather than worthless ones, you will be My spokesman…”

Anyone representing Christ needs to have a right confession and faith in the One whom they confess. So many of us focus on our problems instead of the solution – being CHRIST! Confess good words- God’s Word in your life, stop being negative, no matter what situation you find yourself in and be a spokesman for God! Adjust your attitude and speak right! I know it sounds easy, but it’s not…it’s not easy to change a habit of negativity, BUT you CAN do all things through CHRIST who gives you strength- God keeps His Word- so stay in faith and have a right confession.

3. Influence the world around you. “You must influence others; do not let them influence you!”

We have been set apart from the world. We may be in the world, but we are not of the world. The only way to influence the world is to be radically different from it. How? Simply by your actions. By not doing the same things everyone else is doing. Standing up and saying no will bring persecution to you, you will stick out like a sore thumb…that means you are being effective! It’s working! Why? Simply because you are being different! Once you become different from the world, you are in the best position to influence them to Christ. Jesus showed the world a different way to live. He was persecuted and killed for it, but He rose again and now look at the difference He has made in so many people’s lives for eternity.

Influence the world around you, be different. God bless…