An update on the life of the Battye’s…

Dear one and all,

G’day, hope you’re all doing well! We haven’t written for a while and maybe, just maybe you were wondering to yourselves, “gee, I wonder how that Battye family”s going…” or not…either way we’re gonna tell ya!

It’s been a long year since leaving Halls Creek…even though we all have the same 24 hours a day, trust me, ours must have been 28 hours a day I was sure of it sometimes. We first came down in May 2011 or so, we lived in my brother’s unfinished house for a few months, then I finally got a job in July, where I am still working. (Aboriginal Sobriety Group) I have built up holiday time now, so we went camping for a few days around a month ago. We went to a place called Gluepot Reserve, which is 60km north of Waikerie. It is a birdlife reserve and has bird hides and lots of walking trails, which I especially liked. The only problem was that they didn’t let us have campfires…and it was FREEZING!!! I really tried hard not to think about up north then, I forgot there are rules called firebans…lol! But the walks were good in the mornings, was able to defrost then.

Anyway, after living at my brother’s property, we moved into their townhouse they had bought last year in Two Wells…that was nice and comfy, but now we are living in the luxurious suburb ofDavorenPark. Anyone who knows about the place will laugh here…it’s no better thanElizabeth…where I was born. Oh well, could have been born inVictoriaI suppose- gotta count my blessings!

Yvonne is now studying withCharlesDarwinUniversityonline. She has started a prep course and has received a scholarship, and plans to go on studying Health Science. She is studying part time and is talking about working as an Aboriginal health worker as well.

She has inspired me to do the same prep course, so I also am applying to study part time. It’s free and I’ve never even considered doing uni before, so am giving it a go. I’m starting to get into giving things a go lately- started my own part time business, cleaning windows. That’s been fun, but slowed down considerably at this time of year, but thankful for the work I do have.

My brother in-law, Cameron, has been staying with us for the past 6 or so months. He has started a cert 2 in Construction and plans to head out to the mines at some stage. He just needs a few tickets and experience. He’ll be with us a while, but he’s a good lad!

At present, we are going to a church in Gawler called Hope Chapel. The Pastor is Andrew Cole, he’s a good bloke, down to earth. As every church I go to, everyone seems to like my wife better than me, but I like her better too, so that’s ok! 🙂 They will be starting an outreach soon into the community, so we’re hoping to get involved with that.

Other than all this, life seems pretty normal. Nothing spectacular has happened, the storms of life have passed by and we’re in a nice calm, which I like! But I am also becoming more aware of the needs all around me, especially at work. I work with people whose lives are messed up considerably and who have no hope- and I have the opportunity to just sit down and have a good yarn to them. Most of the time, I don’t know what to say when they vent all their problems. I’ve never been where they are exactly, but I’ve experienced brokenness and a life away from Christ, ravaged by the affects of sin. We all have to some degree. The truth is, I am learning more from them than they are from me I think. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true. They are just happy to have a roof over their heads, but we fight and argue over the colour of the curtains, tiles etc. Nothing wrong with all that, except the attitude over what’s important and not.

One of them encouraged me one time in fact, and told me that it didn’t matter if I had never been where he was, but I was an example to him, as I’ve never become an alcoholic. He said that don’t you think it’s better to learn from someone who has had the strength to resist the grog in the first place? Everyone thinks they gotta have experience as an alcoholic to minister effectively to one, but that’s simply not the case. All you need is a humble attitude with them. That was quite some advice from a recovering alcoholic, let me tell you! So this is the path the Lord seems to have me on so far, and I want to be faithful to it. But one thing I’ve learnt- only God knows the future. I will plan as much as I can,  but leave the journey in His Hands.

Anyway, hope you are all well – keep happy, healthy and blessed!

Rob and Yvonne Battye 🙂