About me

Hi all!

My name is Robert Battye, I live in Adelaide with my wife Yvonne. We have been married since November 7, 2009. I work in a residential support role with Aboriginal men who are homeless and are receiving help to find a place to stay. My wife is studying at University and plans to enter the health field and help her own people. Her people are the Kaurna and Nurrunga tribes from the Adelaide Plains and Pt Pearce on the Yorke Peninsula. I feel very priviledged to be a part of the Nunga community, as my wife’s family have accepted me as one of their own.

I grew up in a Christian home and have known the Lord from a young age. I committed my life to Him at the age of 15 and have been on a journey to know the Lord in a more personal way. I am always wanting to learn and grow in my faith in Christ. I have made mistakes, but I’ve gotten up, learnt from them and desire to live the way God intends for me to live. He’s called us to a victorious and abundant life in Christ, and I want to be an example to my family and those around me, leading them towards Christ more and more.

One scripture the Lord has spoken to me is 1 Peter 1:24-25, “All flesh is as grass; the grass withers, the flowers fall away, but the word of the Lord endures forever.” The world and all its ways are not worth following after. Only God and His Word last forever. Live for God, live for His Word and for His glory- live forever.

I hope you enjoy this blog. I have another one, entirely devoted to daily devotions to bless you, called, “Daily Bread Devotions.” You can find it at http://robertbattye.wordpress.com

God bless,

Rob Battye 🙂


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